The project has led to a number of peer reviewed publications. The project is also planning one more technical paper (led by Mel Krokos and Ugo Becciani) and one focusing on the skills audit led by Paul Wright and Malcolm Whitworth. These are in preparation and will be submitted in early 2021. Other publications are in planning stage for the Journal of Structural Geology Special Issue: Virtual and Digital Structural Geology and Geoscience Communication (EGU journal). Links for all papers are below;

A unique 12 ka subaerial record of rift-transform triple-junction tectonics, N.E. Iceland. Scientific Reports, 9:9669.

Rust, D. and Whitworth, M. (2019)

Workflows for virtual reality visualisation and navigation scenarios in earth sciences. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management - Volume 1: GISTAM, 297-304.

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Real world-based immersive Virtual Reality for research, teaching and communication in volcanology. Bulletin of Volcanology 38.

Tibaldi, A., Bonali, F. L., Vitello, F., Becciani, U., Krokos, M., Nomikou E., Delage, E., Van Wyk de Vries, B. and Whitworth, M. (2020)

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Antoniou, V., Bonali, F., Nomikou, P., ,Tibaldi, A., Melissinos, P., Mariotto, F. Vitello, F., Krokos, M. and Whitworth, M. (2020)

Student evaluations of using Virtual Reality to investigate natural hazard field sites. Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Wright, P. N., Whitworth, M., Tibaldi, A., Bonali, F., Antoniou, V., Nomikou, P., Vitello, F., Becciani, U., Krokos, M. and Van Wyk de Vries, B. (2021)

Submitted Feb 2021

Immersive Virtual Reality for mapping and measurement in complex active tectonic terrains: A case study from the Husavik-Flatey transform fault zone and triple-junction, Northern Iceland. Journal of Structural Geology.

Harknett, J., Whitworth, M., Krokos, M., Kearl, M., Tibaldi, A., Bonali, F., Van Wyk de Vries, B., Antoniou, V., Nomikou, P., Vitello, F. and Becciani, U.

Manuscript is in preparation.