Dallol Canyons, Salt Karst Formations

Afar, Ethiopia

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The Canyons of Dallol are salt karst, where uplifted evaporite layers from the Danakil depression are exposed, dissolved, and interoperated into an extreme topography of pinnacles, pits and ravines, with knife-edge salt knives. It is hard to walk anywhere except the bottom of the ravines. Brown and white dykes of evaporite and breccia are found cross-cutting the salt, some with fragments of magma from the underlying intrusions that feed the Dallol system, others are filled Salt Karst caves of red mud, from outbursts from the central hydrothermal system. This model has been used to map the dykes and karst in areas that are totally inaccessible. The model has been vital for getting the full 3-D structure of the salt karst.

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