Husavik Flatey Triple Junction

Northern Iceland

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The Husavik-Flatey fault intersects the Theistarekir fissure swarm in northern Iceland, south east of the town of Husavik. Iceland itself lies on the divergent plate boundary of the Eurasian and North American plates. In the northern part of the island this plate boundary is defined by the Northern Volcanic Zone. 25km of the Husavik-Flatey fault is sub-aerially exposed at its eastern extent where it forms a triple junction with the Theistarekir fissure swarm at the western edge of the NVZ. Sub-aerial examples of this triple junction process are uncommon as triple junctions typically occur below sea level

Using imagery collected during a 2016 drone survey of the HFF and TFS triple junction (Rust and Whitworth, 2019), a high resolution VR model has been created using Agisoft Metashape. The drone imagery was collected using a quad-copter drone and its 12mp mounted camera. The drones course was plotted using built in autopilot software to record vertical overlapping photographs of the ground surface, programmed to trigger every three seconds at a height of 70-90m. The triggering of the camera in such short bursts allows the Agisoft Metashape to identify clusters of similar pixels in order to ‘stitch’ the imagery together, forming a complete model.

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