Lemptegy Volcano

Chaine des Puys, Auvergne, France

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Lemptégy is a small monogenetic volcano in the chaîne des Puys volcanic alignment, Auvergne, France. The volcanoes are part of the chaîne des Puys – Limagne fault teconic arena, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for continental rifting. The volcano has been extensively excavated by quarrying for it's scoria, especially from the end of the second Wold War to 2007. From the 1980's extraction was done with care, and with scientific supervision, so as to carefully uncover the inside structure of the volcano. The result is a magnificent record of the volcano's growth, and evolution, including a complete feeder and magma plumbing system, as well as the deposits for the 30,000 years of eruptions from Lemptégy and associated volcanoes. There are faults as well, with some spectacular grabens, that make a close analogy to the nearby Limagne Rift. Lemptégy is actually two volcanoes, one – inside the other, with the first related to a larger neighbour, the Puy de Gouttes. This first volcano was formed of multiple vents, and was uplifted by a magma intrusion towards the end of it's life. Both Lemptégy volcanoes are covered by deposits for the Puy de Côme, Pariou and Chopine eruptions. The Lemptégy site now welcomes 100,000's of visitors every year, who can visit the insides, taking a train around, or walking guided tour around the 'open air volcano'. 3DTeLC has made two models of Lemptégy, Summer and Winter, as a 3-D printed model, 2 m across has also be incorporated into the exhibition.

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