Monte de Fiore II Lava Flow

Mt Etna, Sicily

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In January 1974 a new vent on the west flank of Mt Etna became active. Flank eruptions are common on Etna, but this particular sequence of volcanic activity was rare as the vent was formed by an eccentric eruption and was not fed by the central conduits. It is the only example of this on Mt Etna in the 20th Century. There were two eruptive phases (January 30th – 16th February 1974 and 11-29th March 1974). The first eruptive phase of the 1974 resulted in lava flows extending mostly south/southwest at a maximum length of 1.5km from their source at Monte De Fiore I. The second eruptive phase formed a secondary cone (Monte Fiore II), 200m west from the first cone, through March 1974, with lava flows extending 1km to the west. The 3DTeLC VR Model covers a portion of the lava flow from Monte Fiore II

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